Privacy Policy

southgate (registered association) (“we” or “our firm”) strictly complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the “APPI”) and all other applicable laws and regulations regarding our firm’s handling of personal information. The terms of this Privacy Policy are set forth below and we will endeavor to handle personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information by lawful means and only to the extent necessary to carry out the work of our firm.

2. Use of Personal Information

We use personal information for the purposes listed below. Except in cases permitted by law or regulation, we do not use personal information for any other purpose without the consent of the data subject.

  • Legal services and services incidental thereto
  • Sending brochures and announcements regarding our firm; providing any other information relating to the legal services that we provide
  • Handling various inquiries
  • Personnel recruitment and selection; communication; post-hiring HR management
  • Other purposes incidental or related to any of those listed above

3. Secure Management of Personal Information

We manage personal information by taking the necessary measures to prevent personal information from being leaked, destroyed, or damaged.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, we do not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the data subject.

5. Request for Disclosure, Correction, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information

If a data subject requests, pursuant to the APPI, a disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of provision to third parties, or notification of the purposes of use with respect to any personal information of that data subject in our possession, we will first verify that the person making the request is the data subject, and then handle such request in accordance with the APPI.

6. Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the contents of this Privacy Policy or our firm’s handling of personal information, please contact us at:

7. Amendments

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time as we deem appropriate.